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A singular project in an unbeatable location
The development is located between Praia, capital of Cape Verde and the mythical Cidade Velha, a World Heritage site. SGR has direct access from Nelson Mandela International Airport, which is a 20 minutes (15 km) distance. It has more than 4 km of coastline facing south, protected from the prevailing northeast winds.
SGR’s masterplan (WATG conception) is approved by Cape Verde authorities, like environment studies.
SGR is a Development consisting of a limited number of luxury villas, condominiums and hotels in and around golf area permitting ample space and uninterrupted sea and mountain views, with sheltered bays, beach and natural harbour, once used by pirates and privateers such Francis Drake or Jacques Cassard to sneak attacks, and more recently as a seaplane port being part of the epic beginning history of aviation. 

SGR masterplan is geographically divided into 5 main plots:

  • Sport Life, a sports area with golf as it's main focus

  • City Resort, the denser urban area, located near the access to Praia, with residential, commercial and amenity areas

  • Countryside, a central low density zone with residential areas

  • Ocean Zone, the western area, with residential, hotel and health services areas

  • Natural Space, where S. Martinho Grande village, Maluada beach, and several riverbed protection areas are located, devoted to botanical gardens and nursery produces 

In addition, a 200m naturally landscape buffer zone along the north side of the main boundary road of the whole resort will also be developed with the aim of safeguarding the resort exclusivity.

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