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Connecting mountain and sea

Countryside comprises two zones:
  • Zone 6 – Quinta da Achada II

 Exceptional location for a townhouse/villa development, in a “country” philosophy giving continuaty to the sales sucess of Zone 7.

  • Zone 7 – Quinta da Achada I

 The infraestrutures in Quinta da Achada I are completed. With 200 plots with areas between 200 m2 and 3.000 m2, 193 plots are residential, 6 are commercial and 1 is reserved for a Boutique Hotel. This plot enjoys prime views over the ocean golf course.

The residential plots were a commercial success with only a few remaining available for sale. This zone is owned by Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Quinta da Achada, a company hold 100% by SGR.


Zone 6 - Residential

Area: 22,7 ha

Storeys: 2

Gross Construction Area: 39.500 m2

Average N.º Beds: 1.200

Zone 7 - Residential

Area: 50,5 ha

Storeys: 2

Gross Construction Area: 41.600 m2

Average N.º Beds: 1.200

Total Area: 732 ha

Total Gross Construction Area: 81.100 m2

Total Average N.º Beds: 2.400

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