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Natural Space

São Martinho and Protection Areas

São Martinho Grande (zone 14) is a typical cape verdean village that was subjected to an urban planning intervention, overseen inittially by SGR, which subsequently transfered the property rights and infrastructure projects to the municipality, of a 19.9 ha total area. It will certainly constitute a melting pot of different cultures and traditions.


Zone 15 is dedicated to rural actitvities including a planned botanical research area of ongoing collaboration protocals and a rural turism area.


The zones 16 e 17 are protected areas, no construction allowed, located in the natural streambeds that carry the water from the mountains to the ocean in the rain season.


Temporary construction facilities are allowed as support to Maluada Beach.


Zone 14 - Housing, Commerce and Ammenities

Area: 45,5 ha

Number of Storeys: 2

Gross Construction Area: to be defined in ODP

Zone 15 - Production Zone/Rural Tourism

Area: 14,4 ha

Number of Storeys: 2

Gross Construction Area: to be defined in ODP

Zone 16 - Streambed Protection Areas, Maluada beach

Area: 54,9 ha

Zone 17 - Streambed Protection Areas

Area: 31 ha

Storeys: 2

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