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Ocean Zone

A direct connection to the Atlantic

The Ocean Zone comprises five zones:
  • Zone 9 – Achada da Pedra I

Located in the western zone of the resort this plot has an exceptional view to the Ribão Seco beach. It was initially planned with the inclusion of a health facility however it can optionally be replaced by a hotel.

  • Zone 10 – Achada da Pedra II

Closer to the waterline than zone 9 and with direct access to the sea following the small streambeds it also allows access to the main resort beach, Praia da Maluada, at a 750m distance.

  • Zona 11 – Tourist Complex

Planned area of the Meliá Lusofonia Eco Resort, wich will soon begin it's due diligence. Comprises 3 hotel units, Hotel Diplomático, Spa Hotel, Residence and several suites, Academy, Nha Club and a large outdoor salt water pool. This area faces the Calheta de S. Martinho, landing port for Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral during the first aerial crossing of the South Atlantic, and is next to Maluada beach, where the privateer Jacques Cassard, who pillaged Cidade Velha in 1712, disembarked. 

  • Zone 12 – Calheta de São Martinho Village

This plot is ideal to the formation of small clusters of townhouses, with close access to Maluada beach.

Another option is the development of a residentional area with support from the amenities of Hotel de S. Martinho.

  • Zone 13 – São Martinho Hotel

With it's amazing location facing Mauada beach, planned for a hotel unit, you're 250 metros away from a swim in the calm and warm waters of Santiago. 


Zone 9 - Residential Village and Health Facility (or Hotel)

Area: 19,1 ha

Storeys: 2

Gross Construction Area: 55.531 m2

Average N.º Beds: 1.400

Zone 10 - Residential Village

Area: 23,9 ha

Storeys: 2

Gross Construction Area: 47.000 m2

Average N.º Beds: 1.400

Zone 11 - Tourist Complex  (Hospitality)

Área Total: 26,5 ha

Storeys: 3

Gross Construction Area: 103.350 m2

Average N.º Beds: 2.300

Zone 12 - Residential Village

Area: 27,1 ha

Storeys: 5

Gross Construction Area: 103.350 m2

Average N.º Beds: 2.850

Zone 13 - Hotels

Area: 7,7 ha

Storeys: 5

Gross Construction Area: 38.500 m2

Average N.º Beds: 1.200

Total Area: 1.042 ha

Total Gross Construction Area: 340.381 m2

Total Average N.º Beds: 9.150

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