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City Resort

Urban style

City Resort comprises two zones:
  •  Zone 4 - Commerce and Services

 Privileged area for the development of a commercial and amenities center to cater the resort's needs. It can also be targeted to provide services outside the resort due to it's strategic location halfway between Cidade da Praia and Cidade Velha and proximity to the University of Cabo Verde, the Hospitality and Turism School, the Portuguese School and the Miraflores Educational Center.

  • Zone 5 – Residential

 Priviliged area for the development of tourism/renting oriented housing with denser areas, comprised of townhouses and villas.

To the north, the outline of the mountains in deep Santiago stands out, with emphasis on Pico da Antónia and Monte de Rui Vaz, which are associated with folk legends.


Zone 4 - Commerce and Services

Area: 13,2 ha

Storeys: 2

Gross Built Area: 56 900 m2

Average N-º Beds: 400

Zone 5 - Residential Area

Area: 28,2 ha

Storeys: 4

Gross Built Area: 85 000 m2

Average N-º Beds: 2.600

Total Area: 41,4 ha

Total Gross Built Area: 141 900 m2

Total Average N-º Beds: 3.000

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