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Located in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde is a stable and safe country whose tourist activity has grown sustainably over the years. Among the archipelagos that make up Macaronesia is the most southerly wich explains a mild, dry and healthy climate and warm waters as well as the great marine biodiversity – an opportunity to deep sea fishing.I

Cape Verde is the last land before cross the Atlantic Ocean towards South America. So, historically has attracted merchants, privateers and pirates clearly evidenced by the existing shipwrecks, especially on the waters that surround Cidade Velha, making it an ideal diving location. 

Cape Verde benefits from the proximity to the tourism “feeder” markets, small time difference, and a currency pegged with the euro.

Cape Verde grants the status of foreign investors and free repatriation of funds and benefits and an attractive tax benefit regime to investors. Telecommunications and financial system function are at the level of European countries. 

The minimum wage is about 126€ since 2023.


Why invest in Santiago Golf Resort

Unique Location

Mild climate and calm waters

Foreign investor status

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